Thursday, 8 August 2013

My frog princes

Believe me one is not enough! Just in case I kiss him and it does not turn into a prince! Or in case a kiss turns into a bite which turns into me eating all of them ;) So I made a few frog-prince-cupcakes just in case and they have actually been my first attempt with fondant. What do you think? I am not a fan of extremely decorated muffins/cupcakes, since they are already so small and the topping ends up covering the taste of the muffin itself, but I decided to try just to use some creativity. I used the OGM free rollan fondant from Decora in the colour "leaf green" and as a matter of fact it was the packaging which gave me the idea.

Actually, did you know that in the original version of the story by the Grimm brothers, the frog´s spell on the prince is broken when the princess throws it against a wall in disgust?! I wonder who decided that the frog needed a kiss!? Animal-right-activists, male chauvinists or dreaming teenagers? Hahaha!

Well. . . I hope you enjoy my attempts 

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  1. Wow! Didn't know the story of the smashed frog prince ;)


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