Monday, 19 August 2013


I think you guys already know how much I love horses (see this post and this other post), nevertheless I simply can´t stop talking, posting, and baking about them. They are special creatures, able to make you feel special within that unique bond you have with them. I like them so much, that the thought of a horse cake makes me happy. I also really like this IKEA cake mould, so I guess this was just a perfect match! This time I made a really simple and fluffy chocolate sponge cake with confectioner´s sugar and melted chocolate. It´s so simple that I did not even bother to take it out of the mould, but I did take pictures instead, hahaha just because it does look nice! Recipe? No special one! I have no secrets to reveal this time; I am sure all of you have a mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, neighbour, friend´s mother , and so on who bakes such a cake, so ask them ;) or if you really really really want to know and have this tremendous desire to ask me, then please do so in the comments below and I´ll post the recipe. In the meantime I hope you can enjoy this sight and this week.

"Horses are just like people; there are smart ones, dumb ones, miserable ones, honest ones, simple ones, cheats, freaks, leaders, and laggards. They have good days, bad days, and plenty of average days. They can be brilliant one minute, horrible the next. They can remember something that happened a year ago and forget what they learned yesterday. They´ll walk placidly into a metal starting gate that clangs and rings when the doors open, and then be scared of a bucket that wasn´t there yesterday."

The internet believes this was said by Quality Road´s trainer after he would´t load into the gate for the 2009 Breeder´s Cup Classic; doesn´t matter who he was, what matters is that he was right!

By the way here is one more picture of him... ♥ Landi

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  1. Ohhhhh, que bonito!!! Me encanta!!!

    Un besito,
    Sandra von Cake


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