Thursday, 8 August 2013

I AmsterYUM

Hi honey I´m home!
Here I am back from Amsteryum eeeehm I meant Amsterdam, back from this lovely trip with my friend Sarah. 5 lovely days spent in museums, on the canals, sightseeing, exploring, cycling around, getting lost, shopping, eating Dutch cheese and sweets (that´s pretty much all the Dutch cuisine has to offer. Just joking!), loving frozen yogurt, having a lot of fun, sleeping too little, and and and... When we just arrived I wasn´t convinced I was going to like the city, since the first bit you see of it (when coming from the train station) is the red light district and all those coffee shops (none of my interest). But as we moved in the city, towards the Dam square, the Keizerskracht, and the museum district, everything is so beautiful and romantic, with a very unique atmosphere. We walked a lot for the first couple of days, but then we rented bikes and it was a real cool and easy way to get around. We seriously visited all museum we could possibly have, but since I know you are interested in hearing about the sweet side of the Home sweet Bakery´s on the road adventures, here is a selection of pictures for you!

Sarah at the airport getting equipped for the flight.

Very cool candy heads @Candy Freaks

1) Amazing cheesecake with red currant @Cafe Loetje a very nice place in the museum district for a yummy lunch. It is not touristic, infact the menu is only in Dutch, but if you ask a help on that they will kindly do so. 2) Frozen shake with strawberries and mint @Frozen Yogurt Comapany so refreshing. 3) At the park, taking a break, eating Dutch apple rounds. 4) Boat trip on the canals.

Very unique rubber ducky bike! I wonder how you sit on it ;)

1) Sarah sending love from the Vondelpark. 2) Funny signs in the Prinzeskracht. 3) Amazing appeltaart  @Cafe Loetje, remember: there is always some space left for desert!

Dutch-French macarons all flavours +1 @Dutch Homemade and stracciatella & cookies ice cream: yummy! This is such a lovely little place with also homemade chocolates of all kind.

1) NEMO science museum by the Italian architect Renzo Piano. 2) Armoured me at the Amsterdam museum. 3) Sarah has eyes only for Dutch almond rounds! 4) Very fine hamburger with a huge portion of homemade fries @Cafe Loetje (my very last one since I decided to stop eating meat - VEGGIES!).

!!!Kaas - Cheese - Käse - Formaggio - Queso - Fromage!!! 
Fine selection of dutch cheese and mustrads with a delicious warm fladenbrot. Probably one of the best meals we had @Cheese Factory.

Last but not least I want to leave you with some pictures of us and the video I made of this lovely vacation! I hope I gave you a couple of good suggestions and that you will enjoy your trip to Amsterdam as much as we did.

♥ Martina 

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