Monday, 14 July 2014

HsB Dessert World Cup 2014 - final

And the winner of the HsB Dessert Worldcup 2014 is . . . . . . 



Soon on the blog I will post the recipe and the cake made by me :)

Stay tuned,

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

HsB Dessert World Cup 2014 - semi finals

After two incredible games, especially the one between Germany and Brazil, we have our finalists!
It will be:

German Schwarzwälder Sahne-Kirschtorte 
Argentinian alfajores

Let the match begin!

✿ Martina 

Saturday, 5 July 2014

HsB Dessert World Cup 2014 - quarter finals II

Tonight, after the matches between Argentina and Belgium, Holland and Costa Rica, we have to eliminate waffles and dulce de tres leches

In the game remain Dutch stroopwafel and Argentinian alfajores. 

Let´s see what will happen at the semi finals...


no matter who wins I can´t wait to bake....

Friday, 4 July 2014

HsB Dessert World Cup 2014 - quarter finals I

Directly from the football fields of Brasil, I present to you the winners of tonight and therefore moving to the next round: Schwarzwälder Sahne-Kirschtorte from Germany and brigadeiros from the hosting country, Brazil.

Such a shame for Colombia (I was actually cheering for them) and their brazo de reina. Also for French macarons, even though I have had enough of those ;)

Don´t forget to follow the games tomorrow... Argentina vs. Belgium and Holland vs. Costa Rica.


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

HsB Dessert World Cup 2014 - round of 16

After 3 days of matches ended today, these are the results of the four rounds of 16. 
Unfortunately the teams and sweets flying home are: empolvados from Chile, postre chajá from Uruguay, churros from Mexico, galaktoboureko from Greece, puff puff from Nigeria, taminas from Algeria, Toblerone mousse from Switzerland, and last but not least chocolate chips cookies from the USA.

But we still have some great deserts moving to the next stage of the HsB Desserts World Cup 2014, so stay tuned to see which one will win, which one will have the honour to meet my oven, hahaha! I personally cheer for the Colombian brazo de reina and Argentinian alfajores, although the Brazilian brigadeiros are also very good. Let´s see what happens next...


Tiny Hand With Heart