About the baker

My name is Martina, I am 23 years old, and I come from Italy.

I was born in Milan, grew up in Triest, left part of my heart in Kenya, and now study and live in Salzburg.

I study Law and Economics and baking is my passion, my hobby, my creativity moment. It started just for fun and has become the dream of a possible future carreer...

When I was still living in Triest, I started taking the first cooking classes and enjoyed particularly a lesson about chocolate with an Italian master chef who was at the time the winner of the Championship for Chocolate Chefs.

Of course in recent years my passion was nourished by a trip to London and by the wonderful feedback I was receiving from my family and friends; so I decided to take a step forward and try to sell my pastries. And it worked!

Then came the first fix orders, the first customers, the first events, the fan page, the blog, and the compliments from many many people, which I thank.

I now hope to be able to open my bakery and see you all soon there!


  1. hey... thanks for ur comment on my blog :) i will follow :)
    are u interessting to swap links?? my link on ur page and ur link on mine?

    (sorry for my very bad english....

  2. Hi Martina!
    Your blog looks wonderful and your cakes and cookies make me miss my home and an oven.
    In Japan I don't have an oven and that's really terrible > <

    Keep on following your dreams. Hope you can suceed :)


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