Sunday, 10 June 2012

MY jubilee

This year it´s also my jubilee since I am THE QUEEN OF THE KITCHEN!

The Home sweet Bakery was born in February 2010 and this year is celebrating its second anniversary!!!
Although it´s a very young activity I am always baking and have fix customers, new customers, glutton friends, and greedy relatives to satisfy with my sweet creations.
In two years I have learned much, experimented a lot, and baked even creativity is never over and I really hope I will be able to nurture this passion of mine and celebrate many more jubilees ; )

Enjoy and take a look at what has come out of my oven these past years  

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Carrots for horses

I love animals, I love all animals. 
Well maybe I am not that fond of snakes and insects which sting, but I would never kill them, I would rather go for a major rescue action involving a jar and a piece of paper : D
In our family we always had animals and as a child I never thought that people treated animals differently than we did, that people could also be so cruel. I don´t mean to be a fake moralist: I do eat meat, wear leather and fur, and take medicines when I am sick, still I do not agree with vivisection, animal experimentation, whale/shark/dolphin fishing, hunting and poaching, dog fighting and dog hunting (such as in Ukraine), battery poultry, and any other terrible practice against animals. One more thing, I hate circuses with trained animals.  
We have had dogs, cats, fish, and horses and it´s to these wonderful creatures that I want to dedicate this post with a carrot and almond cake, which I am sure they too would appreciate!

I have been very lucky to get to know two amazing horses during my riding career: Krokus which was a marvellous and strong Belgian stallion we used to call "the Emperor", and Landwind, a beautiful and kind  Oldenburger gelding. Unfortunately Krokus passed away two days ago, he was 25, and had a great life, but Landi still fills my riding moments with happiness!
I love them because not only are they incredibly graceful creatures but also great friends...


Respect all animals!
Tiny Hand With Heart