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Italians do it better!

I mean pizza of course ;-P
The original one was invented in Naples from the Italian "pizzaiolo" Raffaele Esposito in 1889, during a visit of the Queen Margherita di Savoia. In her honour he served a pizza resembling the colors of the Italian flag: red with tomato, white with mozzarella, and green with basil. This kind of pizza has been named after the Queen as Pizza Margherita.

I am Italian too and was born exactly 100 years later in 1989, so I could not miss out on this one!
To make pizza dough is really easy so I want to share my recipe for you to try and make your own home-made pizza with anything you like.

Ingredients for 4 big pizzas:
600 ml. warm water
1 kg. flour (the Italian "farina 00" is the best)
50 gr. yeast
20 gr. salt
2 spoons of sugar
6 spoons of olive oil

mozzarella (di bufala is much better)
tomato sauce
basil leaves
Take a bowl and pour 200 ml. of warm water and melt in it the sugar and the yeast.
Take another bowl and pour 200 ml. of warm water and melt in it the salt. Then add the oil.
Put the flour in your mixer and start beating it - using the hook - with the sugar and yest mixture. Then add the melted salt and oil. 
If the dough is too sandy add more water (remember you still have 200 ml.); if it is too liquid add flour.

When it is smooth and soft put it a big bowl (or leave it in the mixer), with some flour on the bottom, and cover it with a towel.
Let the dough rest for at least an hour. The longer, the better! I usually do it in the morning and eat it in the evening. Anyways as soon as it has doubled its size you can start forming your pizzas.

Put a sheet of baking paper on your oven gridiron and form the pizzas.
This time instead of making 4 big ones, I made a huge quantity of smaller ones: "pizzette"! 
Great for partys!!!

Then add the tomato sauce and mozzarella.

A leaf of basilico, which is actually better after the baking is over, and then bake in the oven at 250° C for about 15 minutes or as soon as the crust is golden brown.

Add a drizzle of olive oil and enjoy your original Neapolitan pizza.
Everybody loves pizza!

Buon appettito guaglioni!

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