Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Winds of change...

It'a called bora and it's the wind which made my weekend, but stole my voice.

I was at home in Trieste and had such a great time! From the top of the lighthouse I watched the Barcolana, an historical European sailing race, one of the largest in the world as in number of partecipants. I love to live the city in this occasion so I woke up early, bought a "cornetto alla crema", met a friend and drove together to the lighthouse, waited for a while, walked a lot of steps to the top, ate the cornetto, coped with a fat photographer, and finally saw a sea of white sails with snowy mountains in the background. The company and the warm autumn weather were just perfect.

Every time I go home I realize how much I miss the sea and the smell of salt. For this reason today I baked something which reminds me of home: baba', a small yeast cake saturated in rum.


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Tiny Hand With Heart