Friday, 21 October 2011

Bake sale!

It's been while now since my last bake sale in school, but I can still remember the smell of goodies through the hallways and in the classes. Every Thursday at recess everyone was crowding the entrance hall to buy a piece of home-made cake some patient mom or grandma had baked. I remember that, amongst the treats brought from my class mates, the most beloved one was the yogurt cake of Piergiovanni´s mother; everyone wanted a slice! It was actually the most expensive cake on sale since the portions had to be small so that everybody could have some!!! I really loved my school and I have so many nice memories of my school days.

Well, now I am on the other side (not as mom yet, but as wonderful sister ;) ), that is on the baking side. Yesterday I made these butter cookies, with pink royal icing, and sprinkles for my brother´s bake sale and none was left behind. I am so glad because they were so pretty!

Enjoy ♥
P.S. I just want to say hi to all my old elementary and junior high class mates, who shared those nice years with me..

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  1. I want to buy all of them! could you send me a quote for 50?


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