Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Piggy New Year!

Dear readers happy new year!

It is a tradition in Austria to give for new year´s eve good luck charms such as piggies, horse shoes, dice, coins, shamrocks, mushrooms, and so on. Big or small, flat or 3D, plastic or wood, nice or kitsch, everyone gets one! 

This year I decided to reinvent this concept in within our family and made edible lucky charms… pizza piglets to have as an alternative yet yummy new year´s eve dinner. I know just how boring it can be to come up with a good feast menu, then go to the supermarket, buy all you need, systematically forgetting something, then go back, search for the recipe, start cooking hours in advance, begin sweating in front of the oven, don´t have enough time to change and get ready properly, ending up exhausted, looking like you got sunburned, and not being able to enjoy the food. So…… I just realised we all love pizza, especially home-made pizza and how easy it actually is to make so…. piggy pizza it was. Great result with very little effort! Everyone loved it!

Here is the recipe. Creativity will do the rest!


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