Sunday, 19 May 2013

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I love having brunch and I love having bread spreads for brunch so... spread the love for brunch!

Sunday is always a great day to relax, take it easy, lay down, read a book, go for a walk, sit in the sun, and have brunch. Today I had a lovely day: the weather was really nice this morning so I went with my brother Umbo, my dog Bubu, our friend Silvie, and her French bulldog Giulietta for a long and beautiful walk in Salzburg´s nature. The dogs played wild and we enjoyed the sun. So which better way to end a great morning than with a great brunch?! 

What was on the menu? Well well well, lots of good and healthy stuff: breakfast tea, kiwi-raspberry-shake, prosciutto with melon, boiled eggs, whole wheat bread, and three different types of home-made bread spreads. 

What about the spreads? Apart from Nutella, I made the other three myself. One is with eggs & pepper, one with yogurt, orange & herbs, and one with tuna & basil. They are all really easy to make, it really takes only a couple of minutes. Freshly made they are delicious and if you put them in a tupperware you can store them in your fridge for about 5 days.

Eggs & pepper
2-3 eggs
120 gr. philadelphia cheese
Boil the eggs for 5 minutes, let them cool down, then mix them with the remaining ingredients until you get a smooth cream. Ta daaaa! Ready to eat!

Orange, yogurt & herbs
the juice of a small orange
1 tsp of mixed herbs
1/2 tsp olive oil
150 gr. plain yogurt
Mix all the ingredients together et voilà the spread is ready to meet the bread and your palate!

Tuna & basil
80 gr. tuna
120 gr. philadelphia cheese
5 basil leaves
Put all ingredients in a mixer and mince till smooth and creamy. Finish! Finito! Fertig! Fini! 

Nutella is Nutella! I also tried to make it (have a look here), but the original one is simply inimitable, so I just could not leave it out of the menu. Hehehe!

Las but not least the kiwi-raspberry-shake. What you need is 10 kiwis, 2 handfuls of raspberries, about 100 ml. of milk, and 4 to 6 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Trying to be as quick as possible mix all ingredients together, pour in a glass and serve with fresh or frozen raspberries.

Enjoy your brunch 

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