Monday, 27 May 2013

Liebster award!

Yeeeeey!!! I have received one more award for my blog! This time it´s the Liebster Award and for it I have to thank Anna from Granelli di Zucchero. Thank you sooooooooooooo much!
This award is - as its motto says - a great way to discover new blogs and for bloggers to recognise other good bloggers. The rules are easy: name the blogger who nominated you, answer his/hers 11 questions, share 11 facts about yourself, nominate other 11 blogs with less than 200 followers, ask them 11 questions, and inform them about their nomination.

So here are my answers to Anna´s questions:
1) How is your passion for food born? I was on holiday in London, and my friend Teresa took me to the Hummingbird Bakery in Notting Hill. There I fell in love with cupcakes.
2) Do you prefer to prepare salty or sweet dishes? Sweet of course!
3) What would you prefer for a candle light dinner? Fresh fish courses on the seaside.
4) What is the ugliest dish you ate? A huge paella with snails in it. I tasted it (leaving aside the snails) to be respectful but it was actually disgusting too.
5) Is there any dish you associate to a nice experience? Chicken cooked in milk reminds me of my  early childhood in Milano.
6) Which is your favourite cocktail? Pimm´s with strawberries and cucumbers.
7) Who is your favourite chef (or pastry chef)? Maxine Clark.
8) Which is the most representative dish from your city (specify which city)? My hometown is Trieste (Italy) and it´s quite funny but our typical dishes resemble the Austro-Hungarian tradition rather than the Italian one. So we have: gulasch, cevpcici, jota, pinza, putizza, presnitz, apfelstrudel. But also a lot of fish dishes such as: sardoni in savor, baccalà mantecato, granzevole alla triestina. 
9) How do you recognise a good restaurant? It has to be small, few tables, not pretentious, possibly family owned, creative, and unique.
10) Which spice do you consider indispensable in your kitchen? Cinnamon and pepper.
11) If you were a dessert, which one would you be and why? I would be sugar so I could come in all desserts!!! Hahaha!

Now 11 facts about me:
I have a wonderful Terrier named Bubu, who wears a bow-tie.
I like to fall asleep with the sound of pouring rain outside.
I constantly say I am on diet, but never really am.
I work in a flower shop, but I make coffee.
I have a cat, who likes to groom my brother´s hair.
I hate microeconomics.
I never wear makeup.
I have a blind neighbour who feeds crows on his balcony. WEIRDO!
I am taking salsa classes and laugh all the time.
I collect modern versions of Swedish Dala horses (because I love horses).
I want to end my life in Kenya.

My nominees are:
The 11 questions for you:
How does your ideal Sunday have to be?
No one cooks better than...
Nothing tastes better than...
Which is the next present you would like to receive?
Which is the best day of the year and why?
What does your blog mean to you?
Which kitchen tool do you use the most?
The one thing you could never eat is...
The one thing you could always eat is...
Which is your favourite ingredient?

Enjoy and congratulations
♥ Martina 


  1. Muchas felicidades por el premio!!! Te lo mereces muchísimo!!

    Un besito,
    Sandra von Cake

  2. Uih, danke für die Nominierung. Ich freue mich sehr darüber. Nur bin ich momentan zeitlich ziemlich im Stress und werde wohl nicht dazu kommen, den Award weiter zu geben. Ich hoffe, Du bist nicht böse! ♥


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