Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The skier´s hunger

Heloooooo! I´m baaaaaack! Yes, I was on the road again. I had a fantastic holiday week in the mountains and I want to tell you a little bit about it. I was in Schladming, a wonderful skiing location in Styria, Austria, over new year´s eve and had an amazing time: we skied most of the time, the weather was lovely 5 days out of 7, we made many funny videos and pictures, and celebrated the new year watching the fireworks in the valley from uphill. Since I made a video of our summer holiday it has now become sort of a little tradition of ours to make one of each trip. So here is the new one!

My boyfriend and I really like skiing; we are those kind of skiers who start when the lifts open and leave when they close. The Schladming skiing region is quite big and we basically explored it all. One day we skied more than 50 km! When skiing I always get hungry and for the first time ever I ate a "Germknödel". Although I have been living in Austria for 4 years now, I was never brave enough to order one all for myself. But one for the two of us was just perfect. This "Germknödel" is a fluffy yeast dough dumpling with a mix of poppy seeds and sugar, filled with "Powidl" a spicy plum jam, and covered with melted butter. It is usually served with custard cream and it can be eaten as a dessert or as a main course. We had that and only that, and believe me it was more than enough!!! Thank goodness we continued skiing afterwards.

The 31st we had dinner in a very cool restaurant of Schladming, Die Tischlerei. We had a delightful meal: 
1. beef tartar and beef carpaccio
2. scallop, prawns and noble fish tartar
3. topinambour cream soup with truffle
4. veal medallions with sweet potato mousseline and balsamic lentils
5. herford beef filet with Mediterranean veggies and potatoes
6. champagne parfait with peach foam and mint
7. new year´s eve dessert variation
Even though the desserts did not look that appealing, they were also very good. Everything was really delicious and also the price was really ok considering it was the 31st of December!

Another nice place where we ate is the Soul Kitchen. This is a really unusual restaurant: few chairs match, all tables are different, there is no cover, and the atmosphere is simply relaxed. The menu includes dishes from the Asian fusion kitchen, hamburgers, soul food, vegetarian dishes, and Italian specialties. Really great! Their motto is to create lifestyle but without luxury prices and this is really true: there was nothing over 10€! I had rice with egg, vegetables, and tofu and drank one of my favourite juices, guava juice. My boyfriend tried instead the teriyaki wok with pork. Vote for price/quality: A+

Last but not least I want to mention also another great restaurant, the Landalm in Untertal. This is a traditional Styrian restaurant both in the kitchen and in the interior design. The traditional Austrian kitchen is perfect for hungry skiers and especially here the portions were huge! I had a "Backhendlsalat" which is salad with fried stripes of chicken, cress, and pumpkin seed oil. My boyfriend dared a little more and had a "Schladminger Pfandl": it was literally a pan full of spätzle, mushrooms, and meat. As a dessert we had "Palatschinken" with apricot jam, sprinkled with icing sugar and ground hazelnuts. Lovely!

So as you can see I really enjoyed my days in the mountains, mainly skiing and eating hehehe! I like baking, but eating and writing about it is probably the best part of my blog (for me at least). So if you happen to be in Schladming try these places, I recommend all three of them. Already can´t wait for the next ski week...

♥ Enjoy 


  1. Huhu, ich habe Dich "getaggt", weil ich Deinen Blog gern mag. Schau mal hier:

    Vielleicht magst Du ja mitmachen. Ich finde es sehr interessant.

  2. Ich habe dich getaggt :D was das bedeutet :D? Schau mal vorbei :)


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