Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A day to be born

Today is the day I was born 24 years ago... quite a while ago! 
But today is also a very ordinary day, a day I would not normally blog about: I woke up, took down the dog for a walk, had breakfast with my bro, talked to my mother and boyfriend, studied for my exams, had lunch, went to the dog training, then to the riding stable, picked up my brother from work, and had dinner together at L´Osteria. Why is today special then? It´s special because today I decided to start realising my dream: the coming to life of the Home sweet Bakery. I think this is certainly a good day to be born: 23.01.2013 is a cool number, it´s MY number. So I began writing my business plan for it! I am really excited because I already have many friends and supporters who have decided to help me and have given me good tips (thank you Nils!). Wish me luck!

Apart from this I have received many many many birthday wishes! Thank you all, they were lovely but some were truly special. I am very very happy! Especially the ecard from my boyfriend makes me laugh.

from my dearest friend Anna
from my sweet friend Sarah
from my lovely mom
Juliane is right! I am not baking my own cake today!
This is Cooper, my dog´s brother and his sweet owner, Melanie. Such a nice thought, the best bday wishes ever!

I also feel very lucky because I received many beautiful presents amongst them a wonderful, amazing, super cool, pink new camera (no more ugly pictures yuhuuu) from Olympus and a zoom lens for it. I also received a chocolate box; literally a chocolate box of chocolates!!!

Thank you all 


  1. Happy birthday! Looks like you had an awesome day.

  2. Okay, etwas zu spät. Aber trotzdem nachträglich alles Liebe zum Geburtstag! Und viel Erfolg beim Businessplan. Ich drück Dir die Daumen.

  3. the chocolate box is super tooool

  4. Alles gute zum Geburtstag Martina!!!
    Feliz cumpleaños Martina!!!

    Un besito,
    Sandra von Cake


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