Friday, 20 April 2012

Girls just wanna have fun

...and cupcakes!

Yesterday afternoon I had a lot of fun baking with my girlsfriends Anna, Romi, Karina, and Lovi.
We had a great "cupcakes baking session" hosted by the Home ♥ sweet ♥ Bakery (that is in my own kitchen).
Cherries ended up on the floor, icing on the wall, and dough all over the kitchen counter, nevertheless we were quite successful. We baked cherry-mascarpone, chocolate-nougat, and rose-butter cream cupcakes... so delicious!!! Everyone agreed ;)

Thankyou girls, I love you! 

Enjoy ♥

Me, Romi & Anna


Me & Anna

Romi & Anna




Karina & Romi

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