Thursday, 12 June 2014

HsB Dessert World Cup 2014

Today the FIFA World Cup 2014 has officially started! 
Whilst following the real games, taking place in Brazil, I will make my very own world cup of sweets: 
the HsB Dessert World Cup! 

For every real soccer team I have selected a dessert and as teams move on towards the finals I will also eliminate recipes. 
At the end I will bake the recipe of the winning country. 
So let the matches begin and may the best recipe win!


Group A
Brazil - brigadeiros
Mexico - churros
Camerun - banana and pineapple salad
Croatia - palacinke

Group B
Holland - stroopwafel
Chile - empolvados
Australia - lamington cake
Spain - crema catalana

Group C
Colombia - brazo de reina
Ivory Coast - 
Japan - green tea ice cream
Greece - galaktoboureko

Group D
Costa Rica - postre de tres leches
Italia - tiramisù
England - fruit cake
Uruguay - postre chajá

Group E
France - macarones
Switzerland - Toblerone mousse
Ecuador - espumillas
Hunduras  - rosquillas en miel

Group F
Argentina - alfajores
Iran - ranginak
Nigeria - puff puff
Bosnia Herzegovina - halva

Group G
Germany - Schwarzwälder Kirsch-Sahnetorte
Portugal - pasteys de nata
Ghana - accra banana peanut cake
USA - chocolate chips cookies

Group H
Belgium - waffles
Alegria - tamina
Russia - pavlova
South Korea - kkultarae


  1. Hey dear, it's been a while since my last visit here and I can out loud say I missed you posts.
    Awesome post :)

    I've opened a new website, come and check it whenever you have time

    Wish you a lovely day
    xoxo Kiki

  2. Great idea! Hopefully you'll be trying alfajores soon :)


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