Thursday, 13 June 2013

OTR: Sri Lanka 2011

Today, while I was looking at some old pictures I had posted on my Facebook page, I came across these entries about my trip to Sri Lanka in the Summer of 2011. Since I released the blog just after that experience I had never written about it here. So I decided to repropose to you these pictures and my personal thoughts about that amazing holiday. 

On the 8th of Semptember 2011 I wrote:

Hello all!
So I think it's time for me to tell you where I've been and to show you the sweet things I've seen and tasted for you, of course (or maybe for me... I have such a sweet tooth hehehe!) I was in sunny, friendly, colourful, spicy and exotic Sri Lanka. I have never seen so much fruit as in this country and have tasted almost all of it: mango, pineapple, guava, rabutan, dragon fruit, coconut, papaya, passion fruit, red and YELLOW watermelon (I had no idea it existed), and bananas. 
This picture is of my breakfast on the wonderful beach of Tangalla (@ Mangrove Cabanas). Sun, sea, sand, an old tree trunk as a table, and banana pancakes with banana milksake. Simply delicious!

Still in Sri Lanka, as we where driving from Koggala to Unawatuna with a rented scooter, I just had to stop this guy and ask him to take a picture. I simply love this three wheeler bakery... I am considering of buying one too and wander around the city: the Tuc-tuc sweet Bakery! The most hilarious thing about the whole scene was a Per Elisa jingle the owner played to catch the attention of the people walking by. So out of place, hahaha!

Last but not least, I'm sharing a picture of the sweetest but tiniest bakery in Galle Fort. I assure you it is as small as you see it, inside it there is barely space for two people, and the tables are taken out by the owners depending on the number of guests. The atmosphere is so delightful and family like, a sweet little girl prepared the chocolate sundae we ordered and had quite a struggle with it since the ice cream was so hard that the scoops kept on flying around :D
It was such a refreshing treat! Although everything else looked delicious as well.


P.S.: here is a series of greedy monkeys we met on the way!
P.P.S.: the pictures were taken by Michael Ritter.

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