Thursday, 5 July 2012

Panda People

I guess it´s because they are so cute, cuddly, furry, lazy, and sweet that everybody loves pandas. And by the way they are the most non racist animals on this planet: they are white, they are black, they are asian : ) 

Anyways it´s been a funny combination of events since my friend Romina suggested I bake mini panda cupcakes and my friend Carla instead that I bake sweet panda bread! Panda feelings in the air! 
Thank you girls for the inspiration 

So I made these... unfortunately I do not have any other pictures; they got lost on some company computer in Iran : D
It is fun making them, although it is a lot of work and you need quite some patience with all the little details. You will need patience also because the people around you will want to eat them even before you´re finished!

If you feel like trying here are the very detailed recipes:


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