Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Délice française

Welcome to another "On the Road"entry. Fasten your seat belts and let´s go!

When I started baking, making macarons was an extraordinary event! I was specialised only on muffins and cupcakes and international recipes were mere experiments. But french macarons did turn out great for my most incredible satisfaction! And the one of those who had to test-taste them!!!

The most famous macarons are the ones from Laduree in Paris, France. I love them and anytime my mom flies to Paris she buys some for me: framboise, pistachio, vanilla, cassis violette, petales de rose are my favourite ones. With each new season, Laduree creates a new flavour starting from the existing range, as the variety of colours is as important as the range of flavours and a vital part of their appeal. In Salzburg the Braun pastry also has macarons. The variety is not that big, but they are good and the shop is just outside my university!

My macarons are not as beautiful as the original ones, but considering I have no professional machines and only a small kitchen, I can be quite proud of myself!!! And anyways they taste good, are well appreciated, and none is ever left over. If you want to try them they can be found on sale at Doll´s Vis-a-Vis, in Salzburg.

The range of recipes is huge going from cook books to the internet. I personally recommend these two books:

"Macrons" by José Maréchal (AT Verlag)
"Feine Macarons" by Annie Rigg (Thorbecke)

I have been using them too and can say that if you follow all the steps correctly the macarons will turn out nice. The first book also provides many useful tips and an alternative between the technique of the Italian and the French meringue. I follow the first one and for this reason I use a kitchen thermometer (from Silkomart), which guarantees the result.

So if you are interested just keep following the Home ♥ sweet ♥ Bakery, I will soon post a couple of my usual recipes. If you need any help or suggestions leave a comment and I will write back.
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