Monday, 23 January 2012

The golden age

Hi all! Sorry I've been absent for a while but uni has got my full attention lately. Anyways today I simply have to tell you about saturday night's celebrations.
This year I'm turning 23 and since 23 is my lucky number (I was born the 23rd of January 1989; 2+3+1+1+9+8+9=23) I decided to give a party! Not just an ordinary one but a theme party: the golden age. From the Roman empire to the 80s' every epoch was allowed... and see what my friends came up with:
 Ivka chose the 50s', I was in the 30s', Anna was a geisha, and my mom was simply golden!

Umberto picked Mozart with a cat face and then turned into Casanova, Egon was a white jungle explorer...
Giovanni came from some oriental desert with his flying carpet!

Fanny & Christian directly from Asia
 Stephan was a rhino!!! Which epoch is that??? ;)

 Nils alias Fonzie! Yeah!

 Karina had a lovely Venecian mask and Romi wore golden shorts!


 Thankyou all for the lovely presents!
 And thanks to my mom who baked all day long and helped me organize the party. We were all delighted with a birthday Sachertorte and chocolate-nuts-muffins... no leftovers! Thanks also to Giovanni who has taken the pictures and has been the Aperol-Spritz-Master!

Enjoy :)
And this is how the party ended: fluo bracelets on an empty beer bottle.


  1. Really had a great time! You forgot to remember that guests were delighted with wonderful cupcakes and sacher to end it all! Cheers!

  2. I want another party pretty soon, what about Easter


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