Friday, 16 December 2011

Rocking around the Xmas goodies

Yesterday evening I had the most delightful Xmas get together with my friends: Romina, Nils, Anna, Karina, Johannes, and my brother Egon. I spent such a nice and cozy time... a pity that some other friends couldn't make it.

I made pizza with real Italian mozzarella di bufala and basilico, muffins with pears and cinnamon, and chocolate chip cookies. My dear friend Anna also baked, she made the most beautiful (AND DELICIOUS) Christmas Sachertorte ever!!! A bottle of Prosecco and we were set.

I received chocolate, amarillis, home-made cookies, and some beautiful cupcake earings. I like presents! Then Nils took the guitar and played and sang for us all "Last Christmas" and "Rudolph the red nosed raindeer", the Jack Johnson version which I love. I like that song because my mom calls me Rudolph in the winter time since my nose is always red from the cold :)

Thankyou for the special evening. Love you all!

 ready to bite the feast!
 the boys!
 smile it's Christmas time!
 Karina & Egon, so sweet...
the masterpiece... it was such a shame having to cut it, but no regrets while eating it!
my new earings, thanks to Romi & Nils!
Anna the baker: ally or competitor ;) 
 my favourite couple!


  1. i LOVE it!! Thanks again for this wonderful evening, Martina :)
    ♥ Romi

  2. you all look so nice you must have had a great time, and the sacher toerte is smashing


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